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2018 1/2 Aqua

This is 1/2 Aqua, and our teachers are Mrs. Amel Kaisher, Mrs. Diana Klaudiou and Mrs. Samantha Hall. We have Mrs. Kaisher from Monday to Thursday, and Mrs. Klaudiou on Fridays. Mrs.Hall is one of our Support Officers, and she is also in our class from Monday to Wednesday to help us out. We love the fact that we have 3 teachers, cause it means we get lots of support. 


We do writing every morning, but this terms writing topic is by far one of our most favourite, because we got to make and eat yummy cookies and fairy bread. Our focus for this term is procedural writing. 

After writing we do literacy groups. During literacy groups we do lots of mini activities that help us learn to read and write.


For Maths this term we have mainly been looking at multiplication and division. In this particular activity we had to create equal number of groups using cubes to figure out how many cubes we would need altogether. After we learnt how to work out these multiplication facts we learnt how to do their inverse operations. Which basically meant that we had to do the opposite, and equally share a certain number of cubes amongst a certain number of people and figure out how many cubes each person would receive. 


Mrs. Klaudiou teaches us Science. We have been learning about the life cycles of animals found in the backyard. This weeks focus was the life cycle of a snail. 


Mrs. Klaudiou also teachers us health and sport every Friday. This term we have been learning lots about drug safety, and what we should do to stay healthy so we don’t get sick. Once we’ve done our health lessons we go out for sport and practice our throwing and catching ball skills. We have become that great at aiming, that Mrs. Klaudiou sometimes lets us have a game of basketball. 


In 1/2 Aqua we love to paint. Check out our winter art, they looked absolutely stunning hung up in our room!