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2018 Kindergarten Ruby

Welcome to K Ruby, 

Our teacher is Mrs. Shelley Huang, and this is our first year being in Busby. We love coming to school each day, because she makes us learn lots of new things through many fun activities. Just take a look at all the subjects we have been learning about so far- we are going to miss being in Kindergarten next year!



Every morning we start our day by writing. This term we have been learning to write simple sentences that are spelt correctly and have all the letters written accurately. We still have some learning to do, but we have come so far, considering we didn't even know our alphabet at the start of the year. 

After writing we do literacy groups while Mrs. Huang reads with us in small groups. 

In this group we first have to read the words in order to be able to  unjumble the words to form a sentence, then we need to read and write the sentence on a whiteboard. 

Mrs. Huang tells us that its important to read each day, if we want to do well in school. So we are expected to read our books each and every day. 

Here we have to match the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. If we have time we also need to place the letters in alphabetical order. 


It might be hard to tell what we are doing in this activity, but its actually quite creative. The cups have numbers on them, and we have to place the correct number of straws in each cup. Once we finish that, we need to decide what two cups can be added together to form 10. 

After lunch each day we do maths. Each maths lesson starts with us doing a whole class activity, followed by a range of different maths groups that allows us to practice the skills we just learnt as a class. This term we are mainly focusing on what numbers can be added together to form 10. We call these numbers friends of ten. 


This term we have been learning all about the weather in Australia. We have learnt all about time, seasons, and the signs of recognising different weather types. 


For health we are looking at what makes us healthy. We first had to identify healthy and unhealthy foods and what happens to our bodies when we eat too many unhealthy foods. Then we learnt all about what we could do to prevent ourselves from getting sick, and what to do if we did get sick. 

We love doing sport on Fridays. Usually we join with K Red and go outside under the cola to practice hand-eye-coordination skills using all sorts of equipment.  


Every Friday we also get to pretend to be different people, and roleplay different situations for the class to guess. We love trying to make our classmates laugh. 

We love it when the older kids come help us during art, because it means we get to do lots of fun messy craft activities. This week 3/4 Violet came to help us paint our hands so that we could do a hand print craft activity. Mrs Khoudier even let us paint the big kids hands so that we could add their hands to our craft.