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4/5 Aristotle

Miss Amosu

Welcome to 4/5 Aristotle

My name is Senayon Amosu and this is my first year at Busby PS. I have been given the amazing opportunity to teach 4/5 Aristotle this year. Previously I have taught Stage 3 as well as Stage 1. The students of 4/5 Aristotle are a vibrant, sporty, hilarious and creative bunch of students. We used the majority of term 1 to get to know each other and build relationships. We have gotten off to a great start in term 2, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in stall for us! 

Each day in Aristotle is an adventure, we have many different characters in our classroom. We have students who love to act, sing, dance, read, and most of all we love having conversations with each other about many things that fascinate us.   

Last term we were busy analysing and studying the narrative text "Blueback". Students enjoyed reading a book by an Australian author and they had the chance to learn about the various aspects of a narrative text. Students took interest in learning high modality language as well as creating their own creative and descriptive stories. This term students are investigating and studying an informative and narrative text “Dessert Lake”. We have learnt a lot about informative texts this term and have broadened our understanding of researching and exploring tier 2 and 3 language. Students are also developing their handwriting techniques to become more fluent writers and are learning to perfect their cursive writing 

 Last term in Maths we looked at place value, addition and subtraction; number patterns and started looking at multiplying 3- and 4-digit numbers. This term we have been looking at fractions and what they represent as well as placing fractions on number lines. Students also had a great time making a tangram. We had lots of fun doing that!!! 

 In History we are currently looking at Australian colonies and we are all learning the history of Australia and how it came to be. We enjoy having fascinating discussions during our weekly science lessons about the earth as well as the planets and the various forms that make up the earth. We had fun making volcanoes last term! Every second week the students look forward to a day full of sports with SISA Sport. They provide the students with lessons that provide us with amazing fun every fortnight for our sporting lessons. Every week we try to complete an art activity. Students had an amazing time creating art pieces in honour of Anzac day.  

Last term we participated in many activities. We had our Gala Days, visited the Camden Show, we celebrated Harmony Day and our Easter Hat Parade. 

I look forward to going on more adventures and excursions with my wonderful, creative, intelligent and hilarious class.  

Miss Amosu
Term 2 Week 2

The class is named after Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher and polymath (a polymath is a person who knows a lot about a lot of things).

He is known as one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived and is known as one of the first scientists in history. He established zoology and made a contribution to animal classification.

Quote "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."