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2018 2/3 Amethyst

Welcome to 2/3 Amethyst’s class page. This is our class below, and our teacher is Mrs Brasier. In our class we strive to do our best every day. We are inquisitive about our learning and ask questions when we are unsure. We respect each other and our teachers. Every day is a new learning opportunity.


Amethyst are learning to edit and publish their work. We are changing the story of one of our favourite books, Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey. 

These are some of our advertising posters created for Bear and the Piano performing on Broadway. 

Our solar system projects and dioramas

Student's in Amethyst were assigned a project on an area of interest around the solar system. They needed to research their topic either from books or the internet. These are our amazing dioramas on the solar system too!

For a first project, I think they have all done an amzing job! 

For literacy this term, we have been learning lots about our solar system, In particular the planet Earth. We have even used laptops to research information about areas of space that we were interested in ourselves. 

Each morning we also do Literacy groups. Mrs. Brasier sets up a whole bunch of fun activities that teach us how to read, spell and write. 


Learning times tables with fun games 

Amethyst have been learning multiploication and division by making arrays to understand rows and groups. 

In Maths Amethyst have been learning to use the greater than (>), less than (<) and equals symbols (=) to show whci numbers are larger, smaller or equal to. 

To help us learn about symmetry, Mrs. Brasier had us make a lego creation, then pass it onto our partner, for them to duplicate the creation, and show its line of symmetry.

Each week we learn a new maths concept. Over the past 2 weeks we have been learning about area and symmetry. 

While learning about area, we used geoboards to make a 2D shape, then transfered the shape to grid paper in order to use the measurements to calculate the area of the shapes.


In our class, HSIE is taught by different teachers because we have two different stages in our class. This term, Mrs. Delic teaches the year 2's Science, and Mrs. Khoudeir and Mrs. Hill teach the year 3's.

In year 2 we have spent the term looking at the unit School Yard Safari. We have been learning all about creatures that can be found in the garden. This week we were looking at snails, and their life cycles. 

In year 3 we have been learning about Day and Night. As part of our unit, we have gone outside each day to look at our shadows and the way it changes as the time progresses through the day. The results shocked us all!


In 2/3 Amethyst we do Health with Mrs. Bourke and Sport with Mrs. Brasier. In health we have been looking at how to make good personal health choices. We learnt lots about how to keep our bones and teeth healthy this term. We even made a paper tooth brush craft, and wrote down all the ways we could keep our teeth healthy on each hair of the brush. To link sport to our healthy habit unit we have been participating in a range of different mini games that focus on us building our heart rates up and staying active!


For Dance this term, we have been joining with Mrs. Khoudeir and Mrs. Hill's class to learn different dance routines, like the foxtrot dance.