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2018 1/2 Sapphire

This is our class 1/2 Sapphire and our teacher is Mrs. Alice Teuma. Mrs Teuma is great- she is super patient, and teaches us the skills we need to learn in lots of different ways because we all have different learning styles. Take a look at our class page, your going to love all the different ways she teaches. 


Every morning we also do literacy groups. Mrs. Teuma tailors each activity to suit us individually, and we are all expected to complete the activities each day. 

During writing Mrs. Teuma always starts by having us write a piece of writing together as a class so that we can see exactly how to write and what she is looking for in our own independent writing. This term we are focusing on informative texts. 


This term for science we have been looking at the life cycles of different animals found in our backyards. This week we looked at the lifecycle of butterflies. 


Dance and Art are our favourite subjects of the week. This term we have been looking at using different mediums to create a range of artworks and in dance we are trying our hardest to keep to the beat.