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Teacher: Mrs Melissa Jessep

Welcome to 1/2 Aqua!

So far this term, we have been having so much fun learning with Mrs Jessep about everything from: living things (Science), to the past in the present (History), how to use a number line for addition and subtraction (Mathematics), being safe on roads (PDHPE) and how to use books as a springboard for our writing (English).

We love being helped by other teachers too and each week we look forward to drumming on Tuesdays,  library on Thursdays and sport with Got Games on Fridays.

We can't wait to show you photos of our learning adventures as the year progresses!

Term 2 Week 2

Another busy week! Aqua has had a wonderful time this week learning about the changes in technology over time for history. We even did our own STEM project where we created a simple technology to transport water from one place to another. Since Mother's Day was coming up we also just had to make something to show our appreciation for all the things they do for us. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, grandmothers and aunties out there!

Term 2 Week 1

Aqua have been excited to get back into learning for a whole new term. This week brought our annual ANZAC assembly and the respect students showed was outstanding. We have also dived straight back into all aspects of school work and particularly enjoyed learning about time on the hour and half hour.

Term 1

Term 2