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K Ruby

Welcome to K Ruby!

Students in K Ruby have had a wonderful start to the school year! We are learning what school is all about and finding all the different places we can go here at school.

K Ruby have these class rules to follow so that we all stay safe and have a great day at school.

  • Sit nicely on the floor
  • Walk in the classroom
  • Put your hand up to talk
  • Clean up your mess
  • Listen when your friends are talking
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • Be a good friend 

Our Library day is Thursday, so please make sure you pack a library bag, otherwise there is no borrowing.

Sport is on Friday's, so ensure your child wears their sports uniform and joggers.

Mrs Klaudiou is the class teacher on Friday's while I work in the office.

Mrs Brasier

Assistant Principal Early Stage 1

K Ruby Class Teacher 

Term 3 Week 6 - Science Week

During Science Week we made lava lamps using water, oil, food colouring and an alka selzer tablet. Look at how the tablet makes the water and oil spin, just like a cyclone.

Term 3 Week 6 - We are learning about ordinal numbers by building a tower following the colour order Mrs Brasier tells us.

Term 3 Week 6 - We are learning how to take away a smaller number from a larger number and then write the corresponding number sentence.

Term 3 Week 6 - The Responsible Pet Program helped our students to understand why we can't pat any dog we see. Then we were shown how to approach a dog we can pat after asking the owner.

We found heavy and light things in our classroom. We are showing you how we know - just like an equal arm balance.

Making heavy and light bags for their partner. Which bag is heavy and which bag is light? Can you tell?

Week 5 - We are learning about 3D objects. Can you find a 3D object in the classroom? We found cubes and rectangular prisms or box shapes and rectangle shapes.

Week 5 - We are learning multiplication and division through equal sharing. We have shared paddle pop sticks equally into 2 groups.

Week 5 - Athletics Carnival at Dwyer Oval, Warwick Farm. We all tried our best at the carnival but best of all we had so much fun!

Term 2 Week 4

I can make sight words from my chart.

I can make my own words.

Week 4 - We are learning to play Snakes and Ladders in maths, counting forwards and backwards.

Week 4 - We can write these words all by ourselves!!

Week 3 - Look at us!! We are beginning to write!!

Week 2 - We have been learning about Volume and Capacity. We have a full cup of counters. We also looked at half full and empty.

Term 2 Week 1 - K Ruby have been learning about data. We made a data graph using our lunchboxes to find out what our most popular colour lunchbox is in our class!

Week 10/11 - K Ruby are learning about 2D shapes. We went on a hunt around our classroom finding 2D shapes in objects. 

Next we made 2D shape robots in our 2D shape learning. 

We are working on our numbers, writing, matching and recognition. 

Here we are at the Camden Show!! We had so much fun looking around and watching a cow get milked. It was a great day! 

K Ruby all set for the Easter Hat Parade. 

Look at the words we are learning to write. 

K Ruby are learning about patterns. We are using blocks to create the patterns. 

K Ruby got a visit from a special friend today after the Easter Hat Parade. 

K Ruby wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday. We all can't wait to see what great things we will be learning inTerm 2!  

Week 8 - Harmony Day

We had a happy Harmony Day in K Ruby. We discussed what Harmony Day is and ways we can all work together and help each other. 

Week 7 - We are learning to read in K Ruby! 

We are learning to add using dominoes. 

We are learning about length in maths. Chloe is the tallest in our class and C is the shortest. 

Week 6 - Look at the words we are learning to write and read in K Ruby!  

Week 5 -Today we are learning how to play snap (not slap!!). 

These are some of our maths activities this week. We are learning various games and activities so we can do these independently for maths group rotations. 

Today K Ruby finally got to play behind our big doors! Some developmental play with lots of action in the home corner. We are learning to look after our equipment and how to cooperate with each other through sharing and turn taking. 

Week 4 -We are learning to recognise and order numbers this week in K Ruby!! 

K Ruby are working on fine motor skills, to build strength in their fingers to support writing skills. 

Week 3 - K Ruby are learning to count the correct number of blocks called out to them and build a tower. 

Now we are learning to play a maths game using the block towers and a dice.

We are also learning turn taking along with number recognition!! Go Ruby!!