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2018 5/6 Olive

Welcome to 5/6 Olive, we can't wait to show you all that we've been doing in class, so scroll down and take a look!


This is us doing literacy. This term he have been learning to write informative texts. 

After writing, Mrs. Parker our classroom teacher, sets us reading tasks that we need to complete. In this task we were asked to cut out the jumbled sentences, and arrange them in sequential order. We needed to make sure that at the end of the activity, the text made sense, from beginning to end. It was actually quite challenging. 


After lunch each day, we do maths. Every two weeks we focus on a new topic. This term we looked at measurement, chance, data, shapes, time, and whole number. Wow that's a lot of learning, when you think about it.

Here we looked at converting units of measurement, then writing the answers in decimal form. 

That week we looked at calculating the perimeter and area of 2D Shapes 

Here we used rulers to measure the height of students in class. We then had to convert the measurements into cm, m, and km. 


This term for Geography we looked at Australia's connections with Asian Countries. We then had to select an Asian country that has connections with Australia and research its culture, food, traditions, way of life etc. We then created posters that demonstrated the similarities and differences that country has with Australia. 

For Science we are looking at 'Earths place in Space'. In this lesson we looked at shadows, and what causes them to appear. 


Our focus for sport this term has been Yoga, and athletics training. 

All year we have been focusing on being healthy and safe. This term in particular we learnt about the food pyramid and drugs. 


For art this term, we have been looking at different artists and figuring out what painting techniques they used in their artworks. We then had to use those techniques to paint our own artwork.