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Teacher: Mrs Amel Kaisher

Welcome to Lilac 2022

Our classroom will foster warmth, security and a stimulating environment. Lilac students are appreciated for who they are, and each child and teacher will have positive expectations of themselves and each other. Each child will feel a sense of self-worth, will be known, valued and cared for as an important class member.

We have set limits and class rules that need to be followed and we have discussed the consequences for positive and negative behaviour. We are promoting appropriate behaviour following school welfare and discipline policy. Students receive awards that lead to bronze, silver and gold awards. Also we are using Busby bucks to reward positive behaviour and good work habits in class and in the playground, where students accrue their money in preparation for Market Day, in which students can redeem their money for a variety of items 'for sale'..

Lilac students are keen learners and have a growth mindset. They are all working hard to achieve their individual learning goals.