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K Red

Teacher: Miss Moore

Welcome to K Red!

In term one K Red has a strong focus on building literacy and numeracy skills. We are learning to recognise different phonemes (sounds) and graphemes (letters) to support the students on their journey to independent reading. Learning to identify different sounds and letters also supports the students to write and recognise high frequency and commonly used words (camera words). We incorporate this learning into our phonics time each morning and extend what we have been learning into guided reading and writing groups throughout the week.


During our maths and literacy groups the students participate in independent activities designed to allow them to investigate with hands on, manipulative resources to establish an understanding of different numeracy and literacy concepts, develop their problem-solving skills and extend on prior knowledge.

In addition to literacy and numeracy we are also incorporating many fine motor activities to assist the students in developing the smaller muscles in their hands. The development of these muscles assists with letter formation and writing for extended periods of time.

Our classroom teacher is Miss Moore. Every Wednesday and Thursday Mrs Knight visits K Red to teach our history and science units. This term we are learning about our family history and living things.

Each week our program allocates time for developmental play. This time is just as important for our kindergarten students as they build on vital social skills, emotional development, establish relationships within the class and work on problem solving skills such as conflict resolution, sharing and resilience.

Students in K Red dedicate an hour each day to developing their mathematical skills. They explore mathematical concepts through hands-on, interactive activities designed to strengthen their knowledge and engage all students.

Students are provided with learning experiences that are fun and educational in order for them to develop a love of learning during their first year of school and we hope it will stay with them throughout their lives. This week our focus is subtraction and 2D shapes!

During K Red’s STEM lessons we are experimenting with forces like push and pull. This week we are investing the amount of force we need to propel a marshmallow at our target.

Students discovered that they needed to hold their marshmallow projectors a certain way to achieve maximum force. Through observing, questioning, investing and experimenting students discovered varying properties that affected distance and trajectory.