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Peer Support Program

About the Peer Support Program 

This year all students from K- 6 at Busby Public School will participate in the Peer Support Program. This program is a student-led multi-age program which provides a fun and engaging environment for students to address social issues. It encourages peer connections throughout the school and assists students in developing practical skills to enhance social and emotional well-being.

The Peer Support Program assists schools in achieving and maintaining a positive school culture. It empowers students to support each other and contribute positively to our school and community. It caters for student well-being and helps to develop a supportive learning environment.

How does the program work?

All Year 5 and 6 students undertake an intensive 2 day training course to enable them to lead their allocated group of 8-12 students through a series of sessions, which are based on a particular focus. Students from K-4 are put into multi-age Peer Support groups with 2 trained student Peer Support Leaders. The 2 Peer Leaders then facilitate 8 x 30 minute sessions based on a particular module with the Peer Support group each week. 

Learning modules focus

Our Peer Support Program focuses on:

  • Orientation
  • Relationships
  • Resilience
  • Optimism
  • Values
  • Anti-bullying 

Key outcomes of the program

  • Building positive relationships
  • Developing skills such as assertiveness, communication, empathy, decision making, conflict resolution and critical thinking.
  • Enhancing mental health
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Embracing lifelong learning
  • Encouraging participation
  • Developing leadership skills