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2020 Class Pages


During geography lessons Kindergarten have been learning about places that are important to them. Students have discussed that people live in places and investigated how and why people care for and look after places.

Students have also explored a variety of materials to create a home for an insect.

Stage 1

Our Stage 1 children have been working hard to improve their reading by reading everyday. Students are becoming more fluent as they put the words together to tell a story.

Students in Stage One have been enjoying participating in the creative arts. In drama, students have been learning about mime and movement, play building and role-play and puppetry. Students experimented with an overhead projector to create shadow puppets and used character voices` to introduce their puppets.

Stage 2

Students in Stage 2 started their new research projects in Geography today. This term they’re investigating a natural feature of Asia.

Students in Stage 2 have been working on a unit of work in drama called 'Advertising Sells'. Students had to work in small groups to create a company and a product. They then had to film and edit a commercial to advertise their product and share this with their class.

Stage 3

Stage 3 students were in the technology room today starting their new geography inquiry projects for the term. This term students are researching Indigenous tribes in Asia.

Students in Stage 3 have begun their science unit on circuits and switches. Activity 1- How does a simple circuit in a lightbulb work?