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1/2 Cobalt

Teacher: Miss Peulic

In literacy this week Cobalt are exploring the book called "The Bear and the Piano" with Ms McKay and are learning how to write an imaginative text in the form of a diary entry.

Term 4

It is our first week back and students in Cobalt are already working hard!

In maths the first topic of Term 4 is the value of Australian money. Students have worked enthusiastically to find different denominations that make $1 and $2 coins.



This term, Cobalt got another teacher for Science, Miss Marcus, who is an expert in STEM and has been lovely enough to offer us her lab at school. In this lesson, students worked on dividing mixtures using different tools. They had to problem solve on using the most appropriate tool to separate different mixtures. Cobalt absolutely loved doing this activity.


Students in Cobalt have become little researchers since Term 2. They worked in groups to complete a research project on animals and they have now moved on to one of the natural disasters, Cyclones. They have produced amazing artworks and information and showed great collaboration strategies.

Animal Research Project

Students in Cobalt have become research experts during their first animal research project. They worked wonderfully in groups on researching facts about a given animal using technology. Students were given absolute freedom to coordinate work among themselves. They then presented their findings to the whole class. Cobalt absolutely enjoyed this task as part of their informative writing in English. 



Here is a photo of our finished Animal Research Project! Lions absolutely rocked it! They produced a beautiful poster with great facts and concise information. Students were very happy with their presentation and completed material. 

An exciting Maths lesson for Cobalt. 

This term, stage 1 is working with Mrs Brasier and Mrs McKay on a new project, Maths groups. Students get a chance to be taught by our experts and engage in numerous activities in multiplication.


On Friday, the 28th of February, Cobalt participated in Clean Up Australia Day as a whole school initiative to educate children and adults about the importance of maintaining our surroundings clean.


In Cobalt, learning about phonemic awareness is an essential part of our morning routine. Students in Cobalt learn about the grapheme-phoneme correspondence which is a relationship between the sounds and letters. Students enjoy blending words, writing sentences, sorting sounds and learning through visual element of ICT.


​This term it is all about exploring living things in Science. Students have been looking at features of living things, as well as exploring different animals and plants. We have completed an experiment as well where we planted a bean seed and kept a record of its growth. Students also made different animal masks using their knowledge of body parts and body coverings.


Cobalt students love Maths activities! They absolutely enjoy completing concrete activities on the topics that they previously learned about. In this case, students learned about place value, addition and subtraction using numerous strategies such as skip counting, number lines, balancing, unifix cubes and partitioning. Cobalt had the pleasure of being visited by Mrs Brasier and Miss McKay who were more than happy to join us in our Maths adventures.