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1/2 Azure

Welcome to 1/2 Azure!

Our teacher is Mrs Rios and in our class we support each other to try new challenges and strive to always do our best. Here are some pictures to show you just a glimpse of some of the learning that has been taking place in our classroom for Literacy and Math rotations.

Bullying - No Way Day

1/2 Azure participated in an activity where one apple which we named "kind apple" was passed around from student to student and kind statements and words were said to this apple. The other apple which we named "bullied apple" received negative comments from each student as they passed it around in a circle. Mrs Rios cut open both apples and what students saw was that the apple that was "bullied" was all bruised on the inside" and the apple that received "kind words" looked just fine on the inside. This activity demonstrated how negative comments and hurtful words can have an impact on our feelings.

Students decorated and wore their 'Bully Free Zone bracelets

We read a book "The Juicebox Bully" by Bob Sornson and completed our writing activity based on what each student would do if they encounter someone getting bullied instead of being a bystander, such as telling a teacher. 

Week 7 - Students in 1/2 Azure have really enjoyed matching the quantity of numbers on Dominos and using Lego to build the corresponding number during our Maths rotations. 

Here are some of the wonderful recount writing samples the students of 1/2 Azure are doing.