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K/1 Rose

Welcome to K/1 Rose, our teacher is Ms Awick, and we are all excited to share our learning with you!

Take a look at all the fun learning we have been doing so far! Kindergarten are lucky to have the Year 1’s with them as their role models and to help guide them.

We have learnt so much and are eager to continue our learning journey. We always try our best and strive to succeed.

Kindergarten are practising their fine motor skills to help strengthen their fingers and grip to allow them to write properly.

They also have been tracing the correct way to write letters to help with letter recognition and letter formation.

Kindergarten have been using magnetic letters to identify the upper case letters and match them to the lower case letters.

Kindergarten have been busy using their imagination to help build upon their social skills with each other and the year 1’s.

Year One have been creating their own unique sentences using a range of different words, as well as using word blocks.

Year One have been matching and recognising numbers using pictures, words and numerals.

Year One have also been using die, a tens frame and a tens template to identify friends of ten.

K/1 Rose have been practising their balancing skills and have absolutely nailed it!