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Teacher: Miss Vilashni Reddy

Ruby has had a wonderful start to school. We have all worked hard to settle into the routine of school and we have begun learning! In Ruby we practice our phonics and high frequency words every morning so we can become better readers and writers. We love literacy rotations where we practice our letter of the week, high frequency words and fine motor skills. We are learning how to count and represent numbers in Maths.

We have been working very hard on our social skills and we are learning how to play nicely together and share our toys. We are good at doing this and have learnt to be kind friends with each other.

We can’t wait for you to see us grow and learn. Watch this space!

Term 1 Week 7

We have been learning about the letter ‘Mm’ this week. We have had lots of fun making our ‘M’ monsters.

Term 1