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Teacher: Mrs Godley Shaji

All students in Orange have returned to school ready for their learning journey with their new teacher, Mrs. Shaji. 

The morning session of each day starts with students going over the days of the week, months of the year, the four seasons and the daily weather. 

In literacy, students in Orange are working hard on building their letter recognition and phonics skills. They are also participating in guided reading activities which includes reading with the teacher, tracing letters and are developing their comprehension skills.

In mathematics, students in Orange are busy learning their numbers (0 - 50), counting forwards and backwards by ones, and writing on a number line.

In history, students are discussing their family tree and who lives with them at home.

In Science, students are learning about 'living and non-living things'. They have been learning that only living things can eat, grow, reproduce, and feel pain.

In Visual arts students made some gorgeous take-home Valentine's Day cards, which they gave to their loved ones and they have made pictures of their family using shapes.

Every child in Orange participates in building their balance and core strength by following their teacher led physical development activities. 

We are life-long learners in Orange.