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2018 Kindergarten Red

This is K Red!

We are so proud of all the learning we do in class, and are super excited to share our learning scrapbook with you all. Just take a look at all the work we've been doing in class. You will be amazed at just how much Kindergarten can learn in 8 short months!

Miss. Rebeka Makelja


We have come soo far in Literacy this Semester. At the start of the year we didn't even know our alphabet, but now we can independently write a simple, compound or complex sentence. Miss. Makelja says if we keep writing like this we could have our very own book one day!

After we read with Miss. Makelja, she makes us make and write all the words we incorrectly read in the book. If we are extra good and read the entire book without any mistakes, she gives us common sounds and words to practice. 

During Roll a word, we have to get a dice and roll it. Then we have to find the word it landed on, read it then write it down on a whiteboard. 

Our teacher is also L3 trained, which means that after writing we do lots of great Literacy activities that help us to read and write. These are just some of the activities we do each week. 

In pairs we have to try, and write out our spelling words independently. 

This is quick write. We have 10 minutes to write down as many sentences as we can about the picture on the sheet. 

This is one of our favourite activities. We have to search through the spaghetti and find all the high frequency and sight words. After we have found them all we need to read and write the words down on a whiteboard. 


Here we had to match the numbers with its visual representation. 

This activity involves us doing lots of steps. The first thing we have to do is arrange the cones in order from 1-20 then we need to match the numbers, with its written form, and its visual representation. 

Meet our number caterpillar. Here we have to create the caterpillar by putting the numbers in ascending and descending order. 

Maths is by far one of our favourite subjects of the day, because Miss Makelja is soo creative! She comes up with such fun ways for us to learn our numbers. This term we are looking at recognising and ordering numbers up to 20. 

This is us trying to arrange our numbers from 1-20 in ascending order. 

In this activity we have to make the numbers on the chart by counting out the correct number of counters and creating number towers on the chart. 


So far this year we have learnt all about our families, our culture, and the places people live in. Mrs. Daniel our Aboriginal Education Officer even came in and taught us all about Indigenous culture, and customs. This semester however we are going to learn all about the weather, and the way things move.

As part of our digital technologies unit, we go to the library and learn computer skills. We are getting so good at recognising our letters on the keyboard and using our right finger to click on the mouse. 


Miss Makelja keeps telling us, that for us to stay healthy and fit we need to go outside and play each, and every day. On Fridays, we combine with K Ruby for sport, then we come back and learn all about how to stay safe and healthy. We even went to our first ever Athletics Carnival!


Every Friday we do lots of fun craft activities, so we can practice our cutting and folding skills. 

Occasionaly we also put on little drama performances for Miss. Makelja using the props from our dress up box. The rest of the class and her, have to try and guess what we are acting out. 

From time to time Miss. Makelja puts on Just Dance, for us to dance too. She says our dance moves are getting that good, that we may even win the 'Busby's Got Talent' talent show!