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Teacher: Mrs Aylin Rios

Welcome to our class Amethyst!

We have had an exciting start to the year as we focused on building relationships, establishing classroom rules and routines. We like to be safe, respectful learners, treat others with kindness and aim to always lend a helping hand to those in need.  We have classroom jobs which change on a weekly basis to allow students to have responsibility and the students in Amethyst take their job very seriously!

We have had a very busy term so far. This term in Mathematics we are learning about place value, partitioning, addition, subtraction, graph (our favourite fruit in Amethyst is watermelon!) and measurement. In English we have been learning all about Characters and have started to create our very own cool characters. We are a very lucky class as we get to work with many teachers throughout the week. On Mondays, we use laptops with Mrs Tuddenham and have learnt a great method to create a secure password to log into the laptops. On Tuesdays, we participate in drumming lessons for Music, on Wednesday we visit the library to return and borrow books with Mrs Lampier, on Thursday we have Mrs Teuma for the day, and on Friday we participate in Got Games to further develop our coordination, balance and skills for Sport.

Take a look through our photos to view us engaging in activities throughout the week at school. 


Term 2 Week 1

Students in Amethyst made some ANZAC biscuits, as the focus for our writing this term is procedural texts.

Students followed a recipe with lots of measuring, pouring, mixing and rolling. After it was baked, students gave the verdict that the ANZAC biscuits were delicious!