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K Ruby

Teacher: Miss Reddy

K Ruby has had a fantastic start to school. We have all settled into the routine of school and we have already begun tricky learning! In K Ruby we practice our phonics and camera words every morning so we can become better readers and writers. We love literacy rotations where we practice our reading, our letter of the week and our camera words. We also get to dress up each week as something new in our imagination corner. So far we have dressed up as Doctors, Police Officers, Chefs and Construction workers!

We are learning how to count backwards and forwards from 30 and how to add two simple numbers together in Maths. We have also learnt about length, data and 2D shapes and we found out that Anetonio is the tallest person in the class and Abdullah is the smallest, as well as that a dog is K Ruby's favourite animal!

We are learning about families and living things with Mrs Knight and we did an experiment on what a plant needs to survive and watched it transform over 2 weeks when we added water and placed it in the sun. 

We have been working very hard on our social skills and we are learning how to play nicely together and share our toys. We are really good at doing this and have learnt to be fantastic friends with each other!


The students in Ruby have been discovering length through informal units. They have been able to compare short, long and tall lengths during their investigations.

Term 3

Students in Ruby have been learning to tell the time. They have had lots of fun matching digital to analog time.