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2018 5/6 Lime

Hi, and Welcome to 5/6 Lime.

Our teacher is Miss. Emma Herron, and for most of us this will be our last ever year at Busby. We are seriously going to miss this place, and all the fun activities our teachers have taught us over the years. It's been hard just picking a few activities to show you, but i think as a class we've managed to narrow it down and show you some of this years highlights. So scroll down and take a look!



In 5/6 Lime we start each day with literacy. Miss Herron reads us a story or a few chapters from a book, then sets activities for us to do based on the reading. Once we finish all our activities, we complete our personal literacy tasks, while she works with small groups to build up their vocabulary and spelling knowledge. 

After literacy groups we begin writing. This term we were looking at informative text types. 

One of our favourite themes for writing this term, was on the process of mummification. We had to present the writing in the form of a powerpoint, and present it to the class. It was really fun learning how to add hyperlinks, animations and customised backgrounds.


As a class maths would have to be one of our strongest subjects. Every day Miss Herron challenges us through riddles and problem based learning, in order to build our mathematical understandings of real world math problems. We feel it's important to know why we are learning, what we are learning, so that we can make connections with the maths concepts being taught in class. 

Over here we need to read the math problem, and try and figure out how much time has elapsed between the two events. We sometimes don't all agree on the same answer, so we then need to be able to justify why selected that time. 

In this activity we need to flip over 6 cards and make the biggest number we can make, then write the number before it, and the number after it. If we want to challenge ourselves we need to multiply all the numbers together. 


This term we have been looking at the unit 'Earths place in Space'. We watched videos and completed activities about the Eratosthenes debate, then acted out scenarios which depicted the rotational axis of the Earth, Sun and Moon. 


For health we have been looking at the food pyramid and identifying the effects of healthy and unhealthy eating on the body. We even looked at how drugs can effect the brain. 

For sport we spent the first 5 weeks of the term building up our athletics skills in preparation for the athletics carnival, then in the last 5 weeks we worked on our basketball and team work skills. 


At the beginning of each art lesson, we always complain about how we could never get our artwork to look like Miss Herron's examples, but somehow we always manage to surprise ourselves, with how well ours turn out by the end of the lesson! Miss Herron has competition next term, wouldn't you agree?