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Learning & Support (LaST)

The Learning and Support Team at Busby Public School is fundamental in ensuring the success of all students, and in particular those with disabilities and additional learning and support needs.

The amazing LaST team at Busby Public School consists of;

  • An Instructional Leader: Mrs. Catherine McKay
  • Support Teacher(s) Learning Assistance:  Mrs. Carolyn Caudle, Mrs Emma MacRae, Mrs Melisa Delic and Miss Michelle Cannon.
  • An Aboriginal Education Officer: Mrs. Patricia Daniel
  • School Learning Support Officers: Mrs Mariam Benyameen, Mr Danny Bradley, Mrs Kylie Burke, Mrs. Munita Devi, Mrs Amy Morrison and Mrs Kylie Waller.
  • School Psychologist:

They have an enormous job at the school. They facilitate and coordinate whole school approaches to improving the learning outcomes for all students, coordinate planning processes and resources for students with disabilities and additional learning and support needs, design and implement the support required to build teacher capacity so that all students can access quality learning, and develop collaborative partnerships with the school, parents and carers, other professionals and the wider school community.

Mrs. Catherine McKay is our instructional leader at Busby. She mainly works with the teachers in our school to help them build and improve their knowledge of the NSW curriculum. She models lessons, provides resources and programs with the teachers each week in order to support them in implementing exemplary content rich teaching and learning experiences. In this photo she is modelling to stage 2 students how to organise the information in their plan into subcategories to allow for easy paragraph writing. 

Mrs. Samantha Hall works 4 days a week in 1/2 Aqua. Here she is helping Tyson to save 'Fred' (a gummy worm) from drowning. This was a tricky activity as it involved lots of hand-eye coordination, and critical thinking skills, but with persitence and team work, they both managed to save Fred, and write one awesome procedure on how they saved poor little Fred! 

Mrs. Caudle is working with stage 1 and stage 2 students to teach them how to skim and scan important facts from books, then write them into informative text types. 

Mrs. Carolyn Caudle works full time with the instructional leader. She helps all the students and teachers in the school with Literacy. She has over 20 years of experience, and is L3 trained. Each morning she works with individual students, and helps them with reading, and word work. 

Mrs. Munita Devi works with students and teachers across the whole school. Here she is helping Kindergarten students learn to read and write their sight words independently.

Mrs. Patricia Daniel is our Aboriginal Education Officer at Busby Public School. She provides all the Indigenous students, and their families lots of support. She is absolutely awesome at organising lots of fun events and 'yarns' for us to attend.

Students learnt about the importance of human lungs when playing the Didgeridoo by making lung replica's out of straws and paper sandwich bags.

Stage 3 students cooked marshmellows around a campfire during the AECG STEM Camp.

Students used iPads to create 3D mechanisms that could be used during hunting. 

The Marumali group showed Indigenous students the importance of preserving their traditional art and culture, by encouraging the students to identify ancestoral stories told through the sounds of the Didgeridoo.

Students had fun learning some traditional warrior moves with the Marumali staff. 

Students also learnt how to throw boomerangs at the AECG STEM Camp.